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Helping Property Owners Reduce Risk and Protect Their Investment

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EGL Properties is a full-service property management company that helps property owners in the greater Los Angeles area reduce risk and maximize returns on their investments. Here are some of the ways in which EGL Properties accomplishes this.

Screening tenants

One of the most significant risks for property owners is renting to unreliable or financially unstable tenants. EGL Properties thoroughly screens all potential tenants by verifying their employment, income, and rental history, and conducting credit and background checks. This reduces the risk of late payments, property damage, and eviction.

Regular property inspections

EGL Properties conducts regular inspections of all managed properties to identify any potential maintenance or repair issues. This proactive approach helps prevent minor issues from becoming major problems that could lead to costly repairs down the line.

Handling rent collection and accounting

Collecting rent and handling accounting can be time-consuming and complicated for property owners. EGL Properties takes care of all rent collection and accounting tasks, ensuring that rental income is received on time and that expenses are tracked and managed effectively.

Cost-effective maintenance and repairs

Maintaining and repairing rental properties can be expensive. EGL Properties works with a network of trusted vendors and contractors to ensure that all maintenance and repairs are done quickly and cost-effectively. This helps to maximize returns for property owners while keeping rental properties in excellent condition.

Market analysis and pricing strategy

To maximize returns on rental properties, it’s essential to set the right rent prices. EGL Properties conducts market analyses to determine the appropriate rent price for each property, helping to ensure that rental income is optimized while remaining competitive with other properties in the area.

In summary, EGL Properties reduces risk and maximizes returns for property owners by thoroughly screening tenants, conducting regular property inspections, handling rent collection and accounting, providing cost-effective maintenance and repairs, and using market analysis to set competitive rent prices.

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