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EGL Properties is a full-service property management company that offers comprehensive services to property owners. Here are some of the property management services provided by EGL Properties:

Property Marketing

EGL Properties markets rental properties using various channels, including online listings, signage, and advertising. We also use advanced technologies to target potential tenants and increase the property’s visibility, professional photos, video, and virtual staging.

Tenant Screening

EGL Properties conducts thorough background checks and screening procedures to ensure that tenants meet the company’s strict requirements. This includes credit checks, employment verification, and rental history checks.

Rent Collection

EGL Properties collects rent from tenants and ensures that payments are made on time. We also handle any late payments and evictions, if necessary.

Property Maintenance

EGL Properties coordinated all property maintenance, including emergency repairs. We also conduct regular inspections and schedule preventative maintenance to ensure that properties are well-maintained and in good condition.

Financial Reporting

EGL Properties provides regular financial reports to property owners, including income and cash flow statements. These reports help property owners understand the financial performance of their properties.

Resident Communication

EGL Properties communicates regularly with tenants to address any concerns or issues. We also provide a 24/7 hotline for emergency maintenance requests.

Lease Management

EGL Properties manages lease agreements, including lease renewals, terminations, and negotiations. We also ensure that lease agreements comply with state and federal laws.

Overall, EGL Properties provides comprehensive property management services that help property owners maximize their rental income and minimize their stress and workload.

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