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Application Guidelines

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Thank you for your interest in renting a home managed by EGL Properties. We want to set clear and reasonable expectations for how the application process works, including basic credit criteria and anticipated standard lease terms. If you are concerned about your specific situation or have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to

Application Guidelines

Each person 18 years and older who is planning to occupy or co-sign for the residence must submit their own application, along with a $60.00, non-refundable application fee. This fee does not guarantee that your application will be accepted or that we will rent to you. It is used to process your entire application. Even if you recently ran your credit, you will need to reapply through our application system. We cannot use other, outside applications.

In addition, each adult must provide:

  • Two forms of valid identification, one of which must be a photo I.D. (acceptable I.D. includes: driver’s license, passport, social security card, permanent alien registration card).
  • Copies of your last two paycheck stubs. If paid in cash, please provide a letter from the employer on the employer’s letterhead. If you are self-employed, please provide a copy of your most recent tax return. PLEASE PROVIDE THE BEST CONTACT INFORMATION FOR YOUR EMPLOYER.
  • Proof of current/most recent residence: 2 months of canceled checks to Landlord, online receipts, and/or ledger. If you own/ed your own home, your most recent utility bill with your name and address.

If you have a credit protection service in place such as Lifelock, etc.

Please be sure to make arrangements with those services so that EGL can successfully run your credit report. If left in place, these types of protections can delay or even invalidate a credit report.

Qualifications considered, but are not limited to credit score, income, and rental history

  • Each applicant must have a minimum credit score of 640.
  • The total income of all those applying must be a minimum of 2 times the rent. All verifiable sources of income will be considered. Pursuant to Cal. Govt. Code §12955(o), for applicants with rental vouchers or subsidies, the income threshold will be calculated based on the amount of rent that will be paid by the tenant (not the entire rent amount). During the application process, applicants with a housing voucher will be provided an opportunity to submit verifiable alternative evidence of their reasonable ability to pay rent instead of a credit report. Any alternative documentation must be submitted promptly within 48 hours for their application to be considered.
  • Each applicant must have a positive, verifiable rental or home ownership history of a minimum of three years

If you do not meet these criteria, EGL may request an additional security deposit or a co-signer.

Pets are not accepted in any residence unless stated in the advertising details. If a pet is allowed at the property, we must have a complete and approved application on file with Pet

If you have a support animal, please provide documentation at Pet

Incomplete applications or those missing required documentation will not be processed.

If accepted, a lease will be emailed to you for signature. However, EGL reserves the right to cancel the lease if: 1) the lease is not signed within 48 hours of issuance; and/or 2) a deposit to hold the residence is not provided within 24 hours of lease signature.

Fees and charges

A one-time lease prep admin fee of $95.00 (subject to change) will be charged at lease signing.

In addition to the rent, each home will be charged a monthly Residents Benefits Package fee of $24.95 (subject to change). The package provides residents access to many additional services: a 24/7 Emergency maintenance line, multiple payment options, an online residence portal, vetted, licensed, and insured vendors, a Utility Concierge Program, and a Home Buying Assistance Program.

If accepted, all move-in costs are to be paid online, or by cashier’s check, no personal checks.

Applications can be transferred to a different available property within a one-month period.

If you are an existing renter and would like to transfer to another property under EGL management, you will be required to apply as if you are a new renter.

Common Reasons to be Declined

  • Incomplete application
  • If more than one adult is applying, all applicants must qualify in order to be approved. For example, if one roommate qualifies, and the other does not, the applications will be denied
  • Another applicant is more qualified
  • False information on an application
  • Evictions and/or Landlord collections in the last 10 years
  • Unpaid child support
  • Unsatisfactory references
  • Non-discharged bankruptcies

Pet Policy

  • Each property has its own policy. Check the rental ad first to confirm the property’s pet rules.
  • If allowed, there is a maximum of two pets per household upon owner approval.
  • Extra security deposit up to an additional month’s rent.
  • Monthly Pet Fee is up to $75/per month per pet (subject to change).
  • Small caged animals one pound or less (Ex: birds) or fish tanks under 10 gallons do not require a pet application.

Time is of the Essence

  • The only way to hold a home is with a signed lease and full payment of the base security deposit. Our office can only hold a home for 72 hours.
  • However, if there are other applications that meet our approval, your time is then reduced to 24 hours to electronically sign a lease and make an electronic deposit once the lease and portal invite is sent out.
  • Even if you are approved, an offer to lease may be removed if a more qualified applicant applies and a holding fee has not been paid.

Residential Lease Terms

  • Leases must end on the last day of the month, regardless of the day of the lease start.
  • Lease signings, rent payments, and work order requests are all electronic.
  • Rents do increase annually and are based upon city/county/state rules and the local real estate market.
  • Renters are responsible for utilities as described in the rental ad.
  • If the home is located within an HOA, Renters must abide by the HOA CC&Rs and Community Rules. HOA dues are paid by the owner. HOA violation fines resulting from not following the rules are paid by the Renter.
  • Renters must carry renters or liability insurance and must show proof prior to moving in. Very reasonable insurance is available for purchase on the Resident Portal.
  • Unless the market dictates, an approved applicant must have a lease start date no later than 14 days from the date that the applicant(s) are approved.
  • Drug-free home (Federal and State Laws enforced).
  • No Smoking of any kind is allowed in the home or on the property.
  • Equal Housing Opportunity.


While sharing a home with someone else can have great benefits, please keep in mind that you are entering into an agreement that can have financial repercussions. Like most standard lease agreements, the EGL lease states that all Renters are “jointly and severally liable”. Joint liability means that all roommates are held equally responsible for lease terms- if one renter violates a lease, all renters on the lease are equally liable. For example, if one roommate fails to pay their portion of the rent, all renters will be responsible for the balance and everyone will suffer the consequences (including late fees, negative rental history, and possible eviction).

Joint liability is equally important when it comes to damage to property and security deposits. Since all roommates are jointly liable, they are also jointly responsible for paying for the damage. If one renter moves out before the other, EGL never returns a portion of the deposit mid-tenancy. EGL only returns security deposit funds after the property has been vacated by ALL renters and a move-out inspection has been conducted to assess property damage.

Under these circumstances, EGL strongly encourages roommates to have their own written agreements. Roommate agreements typically outline agreeable terms for how the rent will be divided, how bills will be shared and paid, room assignments, cleaning responsibilities, noise, overnight guests, security deposits, and obligations at move-out. While most roommate agreements won’t be legally binding – in that, a judge won’t force a tenant to do the dishes – a judge will typically enforce financial agreements, such as how rent is shared and paid.

Unfortunately, EGL cannot intervene when there are disputes between roommates. So, please make sure you have a clear understanding of your financial responsibilities with your roommate(s) before signing or making changes to your lease.

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