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Practical Methods of Handling Tenant Conflict in Los Angeles Multifamily Properties

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In the current climate, with California eviction limits still in place, you really can’t evict a tenant unless they are threatening lives or property. This can be difficult when it comes to enforcing your lease agreement and managing disputes between residents in your multifamily Los Angeles rental property.

Try to mediate when it’s something simple, like noise that’s too loud or pet messes that have not been cleaned up. If things escalate, however, don’t wait too long to involve the police. Documenting the conflict with a police report can help you with an eviction later.

Dispute Resolution Starts with your Los Angeles Lease

When tenants are arguing over loud music in the middle of the night, television and video game sounds that make the walls vibrate, and neighbors parking in reserved spaces, you’ll need to point everyone to the part of the lease agreement that addresses these things. Your lease is your best opportunity to keep all of your tenants following the same rules.

Have all of your residents signed the same lease? Does it outline the rules and expectations of their tenancy? A consistent and well-enforced lease leads to a safe environment, where harassment and threats are not tolerated and neither are violations of that contract. The lease should stipulate the conditions of the property that create a comfortable and peaceful environment, where there is little noise or nuisance.

Be specific about things like “quiet hours.” For a multifamily property, you need to say that quiet hours begin at 10:00 p.m. and last until 8:00 a.m. You’re going to have neighbors on all different schedules, but if you can set up a consistent time frame for a lower noise threshold, you’re at a good starting point for keeping all your residents on the same page.

Create and Implement a Policy for Dispute Resolution

In a perfect world, your tenants will solve their conflicts and problems on their own. Sometimes, it’s a simple matter of needing better communication. One tenant making too much noise won’t realize how clearly neighbors can hear their television. A conversation between the two parties is a good place to start.

If a simple conversation doesn’t work, your residents will need instructions on how to file a complaint about neighboring tenants. You should acknowledge their complaint so they know you’re taking their comfort and safety seriously. If someone is feeling threatened or a tenant is creating a hostile and unsafe environment, involve the police immediately.

Document All Los Angeles Tenant Disputes

Document everything.

If the complaint from one tenant reflects a lease violation from the other tenant, you will need to make contact with the tenant in question and ask them to come into compliance. Loud parties at 2:00 a.m. may violate the quiet clause in your lease, and a barking dog is a problem if the lease does not allow pets. Put the details and the timeline in writing so you can identify the lease violations that may be present. This will help if you have to evict.

If the police are called, obtain a copy of the police report.

These are some of the best ways to manage tenant disputes in a multifamily Los Angeles rental property. We know that conflicts can quickly escalate, and if you’d like some help with tenant relations, please contact us at EGL Properties.

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