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Why Maintaining Good Communication with Your Los Angeles Property Manager is Crucial for Success

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Why Maintaining Good Communication with Your Los Angeles Property Manager is Crucial for Success - Article Banner

The key to having a successful rental experience is to ensure communication is open, transparent, and responsive. When you work with a professional property management company, you can expect your management company to take care of all tenant communication. This won’t be your concern, and it’s a huge benefit. 

Good communication is essential to a good relationship. You should expect to receive consistent updates about your property, including accounting statements and reports from your property management partner. 

As the rental property owner, you have a responsibility to communicate as well. Here’s why maintaining good communication with your Los Angeles property manager is crucial for your success.

Good Property Management Communication Improves Tenant Retention 

Tenants expect and need clear, accurate, and responsive communication. Your property managers are responsible for communicating with your tenants, and you want to make sure you’re providing all of the information they need in order for them to do this. 

When your property manager tries to reach you about a maintenance approval, make sure you’re prompt in returning the call or the email or the message. You don’t want repairs and replacements to be left on hold, otherwise tenants will quickly get frustrated. You’ll also risk the condition and value of your property by not taking care of these maintenance issues right away. 

Your property manager should tell you what the process is for approving and scheduling maintenance. Perhaps you don’t want to be bothered unless the repair is over $1,000. Maybe that number is $500. Whatever parameters you set up with your management company, don’t leave them hanging when they need to get in touch with you. This impacts the way your property is maintained and the ability of your management company to keep good tenants in place. 

Good Communication Eliminates Conflicts and Misunderstandings 

We know that rental property owners don’t like to worry about conflicts, misunderstandings, and disputes. Transparent and open communication is critical in avoiding these situations. 

As property managers in Los Angeles, we always want to be on the same page as our owners, and that’s why we discuss everything with you up front. There are no surprises. You’ll know what you’re being charged for and why. You’ll understand how we screen tenants and what we need to do to follow all fair housing, rent control, and eviction laws. 

If something is bothering you or you’re displeased about the way a situation was handled, we invite you to discuss it with us immediately. We don’t like for things to escalate. We’d rather talk about them openly and immediately. It reduces the disputes that might pop up and it allows us to provide better services to you and your residents. 

Property Management Technology Helps Communication

Invest in Technology

We invest in technology to improve our ability to communicate. You can help us help you by demonstrating a willingness to work with our systems and platforms. 

We provide an owner portal, for example. You can keep communication open and transparent by using that portal to check on rent payments, maintenance invoices, and other information that might be uploaded. Look for accounting statements and financial reports. Send a message or ask a question. 

The goal is to keep communication as easy and open as possible. 

Our technology enables us to communicate with you during the leasing period, the screening process, and throughout the term of the lease agreement. We ask that you participate, and that you always keep your contact information up-to-date with us.

Questions about how we communicate? We’d love to talk about it. Please contact us at EGL Properties. 

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