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Future-Proofing Your Rental Property Marketing: Tips and Best Practices from EGL Properties

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Marketing has to mean more than online listings. 

At EGL Properties, we invest a lot of time and resources studying the insights and data that we gather in the Los Angeles rental market and real estate industry. We watch what tenants are doing, we study the competition, and we position ourselves to leverage the information we gather and the technology we invest in

As the market continues to shift and the demand for high-quality rental housing rises, we’re ready. We can help you future-proof your rental property marketing to ensure you find a well-qualified tenant quickly. 

Here are some of our tips and best-practices to innovative marketing. 

Social Media Can Influence Marketing

Prospective tenants are spending more time on social media than on rental websites. 

While you should always market your home with a fantastic listing on Zillow, Zumper, HotPads, and all the other well-trafficked sites, you want to be on your social platforms, too. 

Everyone is checking their Instagram and following the latest X/Twitter discourse. 

Social media can be more powerful than popular online rental sites because there’s opportunity for engagement. When you share a listing on Instagram or Facebook, people can comment on how great the bedrooms look or what lovely kitchen appliances you offer. You can go “live” with a tour or a walk-through in real time. Prospects can ask questions about square footage and whether you allow pets. Friends and contacts can like the post, share it, tag friends of theirs who may be looking for a new rental home. 

At EGL Properties, we are expert marketers. We have our own presence on the major social media platforms, and we’re engaging there daily. This is a great way to get your listing in front of additional people. You’ll gain more momentum than you will with general listings. 

Leverage Relationships: Work with Relocation Companies 

It’s less tech-driven, but still incredibly important, especially in the Los Angeles rental market: relationships. 

We recommend word of mouth marketing and relationship building when you have a vacancy coming up. Establishing relationships with relocation companies and employment agencies gives you a fresh pool of potential tenants. 

Relocation companies like to work with real estate agents and property managers to place individuals and families into homes when they’re moving into the area. This can be a quick short-cut for you, when you have a property that’s available at the same time that a client of theirs is looking. 

Self-Showings and Los Angeles Tenants 

Meet Agent

The days of a leasing agent meeting a prospective tenant at a rental property are long over. 

It’s inefficient and more complicated than it needs to be. 

Arranging schedules, navigating traffic, and risking the no-show are big time wasters. If you want to market your rental property in Los Angeles in a way that’s intuitive and innovative, you’ll install a smart lock or a digital key so that prospective tenants can see the place on their own. 

This is safe, secure, and convenient. It allows you to track who is coming and going, and you can also gather a little information on your prospective tenants, which will help you with targeted marketing in the future. 

We can tell you more about how to future-proof your marketing strategy. Let’s talk about where you are and where you want to go with your Los Angeles rental property. Contact our team at EGL Properties. 

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