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More and more we have heard from potential clients, existing clients, colleagues, residents and even friends and family, “you should look at the EGL Properties reviews on Yelp” and I tell them, “ if we were doing things right, we should have one star!.” In fact, in our business, we wouldn’t’ be doing things right if we had 5 stars, otherwise that would meant that we never evicted residents or increased rents. Residents would not be sent to collection, and deductions would never be taken from their security deposits. Real, experienced management companies have to say, “No” and that is what’s reflected in our Yelp reviews.

  • In 30 years of business EGL Properties has had over 1000 clients and tens upon tens of thousands of residents or prospective residents. There are 36 negative reviews on Yelp and only one from an actual client (posted 6 years ago).
  • 21 FIVE STAR reviews from actual clients and residents have been filtered of off Yelp and do not appear on the page at all
  • 30% of our negative reviews on Yelp are from prospective residents who could not qualify for a rental.
  • 10 are from residents who have at one point or another have been under eviction
  • 8 were from people who we have never heard of and only say “EGL is awful” with no specific issue to discuss. The person’s name does not appear anywhere in our records, either as a prospective, a resident, or a client, past or present.
  • One negative review was for an entirely different management company!

If you are reading this you are a probably a building or home owner and hopefully a potential client. As a savvy real estate owner you are aware that there are always issues with unhappy residents, no matter what you do and there is always more than one side to a story. We strive to make all our buildings a clean and a happy place to live. We also understand that these buildings are important investments for our clients and it is our duty to make sure they run efficiently and in a fiscally responsible manner. We proudly stand by our work and our results.


In fact please take a look at some of the positive reviews that were on Yelp, but for some reason removed:

Those are a small sampling of the reviews that have not made it to Yelp. I would like to emphasize that EGL does value feedback from our customers and we are always looking to improve our services. If you have an issue (or compliment) please feel free to tell us at the following link:

Tell us what you think!

Or email me directly at However, if you are a building owner looking for property management and basing your decision on what you see on Yelp, it is important that you have all the facts.

Thank you for considering EGL Properties.

Best regards,

Gabriela Litov

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