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What Los Angeles Landlords Must Know About Tenants | Part 3: Tenant Evictions


The eviction process is time consuming and expensive. We are incredibly thorough with our screening process, but sometimes tenant circumstances change. They lose a job or have a health crisis, and they fall on hard times that are out of their control. Or, we inherit a property where tenants have an account in arrears. We have many years of experience dealing with this type of situation.


Property Management Los Angeles: How to Evict a Tenant

Remember - we are located in southern California, and many of the properties we manage are in Los Angeles or the surrounding cities, where rent control laws, recent court rulings, and the rise of jury trials have had a huge impact on the eviction process. Before starting an eviction, we recommend you approach the tenant one last time to convince them it’s in their best interest to vacate the home before the eviction process is started. Other times, we offer cash for keys. For us, eviction is the last resort.

Landlord Rights and Getting the Property Back

Court costs and jury trials have made evictions more expensive. They take more months than they used to. Once we determine that eviction is the only way, our goal is to get the property back and re-rented with as little expense as possible. If the tenant had the money to pay, they would. So the money becomes less relevant during the process. Keep this in mind when negotiating with a tenant. Sometimes, it’s best to avoid eviction and sometimes it’s just as important to fight and go to trial. When you hire us, you get years of expertise. We work with the best attorneys in Los Angeles to get the best possible outcomes for our owners.

Once a tenant is evicted, we work hard to get the unit back on market and re-rented for the highest possible price.

A good screening process and a solid rental lease agreement is where eviction protection starts. If you have any questions about eviction or LA property management, please contact us at EGL Properties.