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Rental Owners: This Is How We Screen Potential Tenants!

Our experienced and licensed team at EGL Properties knows how difficult it may result to find potential renters for our clients in our current economy. This is why we strive to search for the mostreliable tenants that feel fully satisfied in our properties and will then give us and our clients the confidence of punctual and consistent payments.



Our team in Los Angeles screen potential tenants by:

  1. Getting a background check. Besides meeting the prospective renter in person, it is necessary to verify if the possible renter has committed any criminal offenses or has a credit history of skipping rent.

  1. Verifying the information on the rental applicationWe want to make sure all facts are valid, like residential history, employment information and references. This will help us decide whether or not to rent the property. If necessary, we will also get a proof of income to make sure the tenant is able to afford the rent. Also, we always follow the Fair Housing Act as our ethics code.

  1. Getting a photocopy of a valid photo ID. We also get the driver’s license number checked to make sure all the information provided matches.

  1. With permission, get a credit check. This will let us know if the prospective renter has been consistent with payments before and if he/she has any financial obligations.

  1. Checking with the former landlord. Getting the name and contact information of the previous landlord allows us to get more insight about the tenant’s behavior.

  1. Including a written lease agreement with a code of conduct and every rule. This will state clearly what can and can not be done in our property ahead of time to avoid any conflicts or discrepancies in the future.

At EGL Properties we are firm believers in protecting the right of our clients as well as the rights of our tenants. We want to rely on our tenants just as they rely on us. By being straight forward with all the requirements tenants need to meet, we assure a safe and trouble free environment for all!