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How to Make a Rental Home Feel like Your Own

At EGL Properties, we want our tenants to have great experiences in the homes they rent from us. For some renters, feeling at their own home is not always what they experience when living at a rented one. We’d like to share some tips and ideas on how to make a rental home look and feel like home!

If you want to live the idea of a home sweet home, you need to define your taste and style. Decorating to your taste will be of great influence in your overall home satisfaction. You can start with the lighting. Place lights and lamps that fit your taste, warm lights can help you feel more at ease whereas cold, bright lights give it a more modern look. 

You can also paint the walls (ask your landlord for permission first) to play with the colors and decorations, making the space look how you want it too. You can also try wallpapers and textures to spice it up a little!

Try art pieces and decoration! Place paintings on the walls (the holes are easy to fill once you leave) and decorate with pieces like corner or coffee tables, decorative pillows, sculptures, mirrors, rugs and much more. The most important thing is to invest in pieces that you know you will keep. 

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