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Add or Remove a Resident

Thank you for contacting us regarding your request to add, or remove, a Resident from your existing Rental Agreement. Please note that changes can only be made once the Rental Agreement has expired. Until that time, all Residents are responsible for fulfilling all the terms of the Agreement.

Adding a New Resident

Per your agreement, the Owner reserves the right to approve any additional Residents, and IF approved, the new Resident must sign an Addendum agreeing to fulfill the terms and obligations of the existing agreement. IMPORTANT: Per your Rental Agreement, there is a 10% increase in the monthly rent for each additional occupant, above the number allowed on your Rental Agreement. Below are the necessary steps in order to obtain written approval:

  1. Proposed Resident must submit an application and pay an application fee.
  2. If approved, new Resident must pay a leasing administrative fee of $100.00
  3. Once paid, an Addendum will be issued which must be signed prior to move in.

Any new Residents who move in without prior written approval, will be subject to legal action. Please email or call your supervisor with any questions.

Removing a Resident from the Rental Agreement

A Resident can only remove themselves from the rental agreement upon the following conditions:

  • Rental Agreement has expired and is now month-to-month
  • Resident must provide a 30-day notice
  • All Residents understand that the security deposit will not be refunded until all Residents have vacated the home.